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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


Hi, I'm Tori!

26 • non-binary • ♏ • ISTJ • rus
preferred pronouns: he/they

Do not repost my artworks without written permission, thank you.

Tumblr (NSFW)

Commissions by unhlyghst

(copied from my tumblr)
(I'm not a native English speaker, so there might be mistakes, sorry.)

Hey, guys, I finally open commissions. Commission slots might be limited. Here’s the further information:

Extras are: tattoos, complex hairstyles/jewelry, detailed outfit, some non-human features like wings, robotic body parts, etc. ]

[ How percentage for extras works:
+20% of Basic price -- if extras apply to one character;
+20% of (Basic price + Number of characters * (Basic price / 2)) -- if extras apply to more than one character, where “Number of characters” is the number of characters with any extras. ]

[ Simple geometric and/or textured background is free (optional). ]

Complex or detailed background: the price starts from 10$ ]

I will draw: 

  • OCs and fanart;
  • slash, femslash, het, gen, etc.;
  • SFW and NSFW (you must be over 18 years old to commission NSFW content);
  • humans, humanoids and some non-humanoid creatures (the prices for non-humanoid creatures are different).

I probably won’t draw
, but exceptions are possible (don’t hesitate to email or DM me to clarify if your commission request can be an exception): mechas, OC + canon character, animals only, other pairings (threesomes, etc.) with Viktor or Yuuri except Viktuuri.

I won’t draw: other pairings (threesomes, etc.) with Levi or Erwin except Eruri, RPS, NSFW with underage characters, chibi NSFW, non-con, necro-/zoophilia, too heavy gore, explicit body-horror, self-harm, drug use, etc.

Please, keep in mind that I may decline you commission request, if it includes something I’m not comfortable with (it even could be something not from the above lists).


   1. Message me on my email at with the filled commission form:

  • dA and/or tumblr and/or twitter username;
  • PayPal email to send the payment request to;
  • format (B/W lineartLineart + flatsCel shaded or Lineless painting | HeadshotHalf-body or Full-body);
  • number of characters;
  • SFW or NSFW (note that by requesting a NSFW commission you confirm that you are 18 years old or older);
  • description (situation, poses, emotions, etc. - or you can leave any of it to me); 
  • (exact scene from a fic, if you request a fic illustration; )
  • references for your OCs, characters from the fandoms I’m not acquainted with well enough (ask me if I know the fandom you’re willing to commission), outfits, specific pose you want me to draw, etc. (visual references are preferable, but verbal description is allowed too, if there aren’t any visual refs of what you want to commission);
  • additional information (anything you need to specify: your preferences, simple background or no background, certain deadlines, request to cancel public posting, etc.).
  (You can also send me this form via dA notes, but email is preferable in order to keep things organized. I also heard a lot about dA notes being lost.)

   2. I will notify you if I can or can’t take your commission. If i can take it, I’ll also inform you about how much it will cost and on your place in the commission queue, if there is one. And if it’s all right, I will send you a payment request via PayPal.

   3. I will start working on your commission (and will notify you about it) as soon as:
      1) 100% of the payment is received;
     2) the commissions ahead of yours in a commission queue are finished, if there are any.

   4. When I finish the sketch of your commission, I will show it to you in case you want to suggest minor changes (major changes will entail extra costs);

   5. It’ll take from several days to two weeks to finish your commission (the time of waiting in a commission queue is not included); I will notify you if there’re any force majeurs and I need some extra time.

   6. As soon as your commission is finished, I will provide you with two PNG files of it: full-size and web-friendly-size. Personal use only, no commercial use allowed. Credit me if you upload the art to your blog/twitter/etc.

   7. I might upload a low-res file to my portfolio, tumblr blog, dA gallery and other social media, if not asked otherwise. I will credit you for your request, OCs, fic, AU, headcanons, etc.

Add a comment below, send me a direct message or an ask or email me if you have any questions!

Note that the prices may increase eventually, get your commission before I temporarily close commissions to review the current prices!


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